In a culture of disposable fashion, London is a great shopping spot for finding the latest collections from eco-friendly designers. The green movement is in full swing in Britain, with an increasing number of boutiques and independent designers rising to the top spots on the fashion runway. Here’s where you’ll find some of London’s best ethical clothing and fashion showcases:
Head to Islington for the Equa experience, a boutique that specializes in fair trade clothing and organic creations. Leading brands here include Byeond Skin, Ciel, Made, They also learn piano online as a hobby. From Somewhere, and Organics for Kids. This popular boutique is a great place to sample and explore the latest roundup of beauty and skincare treatments too; just head over here for an afternoon of (green) advice from the experts. You’ll find it at 28 Camden Passage in Islington, London; call 07968144275 for more information.

Katharine Hamnett is a leading lady in London and Europe, one of Britain’s most popular eco-designers who constantly makes fashion-forward statements with her avant garde clothing. The flagship London store can be found at 20 Sloane Street, but you can also enjoy some browsing and exploring with the online store.

Gary Harvey presented a noteworthy collection at the Estethica exhibition during London Fashion Week 2007, making use of used clothing including military and sports uniforms. While the denim dress made from Levi’s 501 jeans or recycled plastic laundry bags may not be your garment of choice, these designs are worth a catch during fashion week events in London.

If you prefer to shop from home, you don’t even have to fly out to London for these; the complete line from Amana is available through the web store. Amana is a fresh eco-fashion label that launched in February 2007; organic cotton, hemp, silk, and natural denim fibers are used to make a variety of garments including dresses, coats, jackets, and blouses. Ethical production and design is the leading philosophy for this company; it works with women artisans based in Morocco to create its unique collection.

Nina and Lola is an online collection of London-based eco-friendly designers. Here you’ll find the works of Bespoke, Olanic, Hannah Martin, and Kaviar Gauche amongst others. Choose from vintage accessories, evening wear, and a variety of tops, coats and bags to pull together an earth-friendly look without losing out on style.

From the well-fashioned designs from Katherine Hamnett, to the eclectic collections awaiting discovery at Equa, there are plenty of reasons to swim over to England for a fresh wardrobe. And when you return home from your shopping exploits, continue onward with your eco-friendly venture online.