When it comes to choosing a tattoo design, you have to think carefully about something that you have loved, still love, and will love for years to come. As a child, many of us fell in love with many characters of Dr. Seuss. If you love Dr. Seuss to this day, chances are you will still love him tomorrow. That is because Dr. Seuss is more than just a fad, but his moral lessons will continue to shine no matter how many years pass.
Here are some tattoo design ideas for fans of Dr. Seuss:
Dr. Seuss tattoo design ideas of The Lorax. If you are a Dr. Seuss fan, and a lover of nature, than chances are you know this book and love it. The Lorax is a furry creature that speaks for the trees that are being destroyed. Here are some tattoo design ideas based on the Lorax:

-Take your love for Dr. Seuss and nature and create a tattoo of the Lorax hugging a tree.

Make it a Truffula tree for added effect.

-Have the Lorax sitting beside a pile of rocks with the words “UNLESS”. This is one of the last scenes of the book, showing that there will be no trees left unless someone does something about it now.

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. Although the words in this book are simple, the pictures and rhymes are known by almost everyone. Even if you do not want to use the pictures in the book, you can create unique Dr. Seuss tattoo designs based on ideas in the book.

-There is one great Dr. Seuss tattoo design idea that can be done with this book. Koi fish are a popular tattoo choice, but what about making the koi fish look cartoonish and one that is red, and one that is blue? Take the tattoo design even further by adding the famous line, “One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish”.

-The fish in the book are interesting by themselves. Dr. Seuss had way of taking everyday animals and people and making them more exciting to look at. Go the opposite as the tattoo design idea mentioned earlier, and use Dr. Seuss’ fish in a koi fish type tattoo design.

Fox in Socks. Fox is Socks is the Dr. Seuss book filled with tongue twisters that keep getting longer and more confusing. Any lover of words could do a Dr. Seuss tattoo design based on this book.

-The obvious tattoo design would be of Mr. Knox and Mr. Fox and one of their many tongue twisters. Write out the tattoo of the tongue twister in a zig-zag manner, having it wrap around an arm or ankle.

-However, if a fan of Dr. Seuss and a love of foxes, choose a tattoo design of a more realistic looking fox and toss on a pair of socks. That would be a very adorable Dr. Seuss tattoo design.

Dr. Seuss tattoo design ideas based on The Seven Lady Godiva’s. This book was Dr. Seuss only adult book. It told the story of seven sisters who always ran around naked trying to persuade people that riding horses was dangerous. The Dr. Seuss tattoo design idea is obvious: Cartoonish naked woman on a horse.

Dr. Seuss tattoo design ideas for loved ones lost. Getting a tattoo to represent a lost loved one is a nice permanent memorial. Even if not fan of Dr. Seuss, he did have a quote that fits perfectly. Use this quote along with the loved ones name. If they were fans of Dr. Seuss, this quote makes it more perfect. You can add to the memorial tattoo by including a Dr. Seuss character. The quote reads, “Don’t cry because it’s over: smile because it happened.”

Green Eggs and Ham. Truthfully, a tattoo design of a plate with green eggs and ham would look rather silly. Stay away from that. Here are some different Dr. Seuss tattoo design ideas based on Green Eggs and Ham:

-Anyone who loves Dr. Seuss and is a very persistent person might want a Dr. Seuss tattoo design of Sam-I-Am. He is the furry human-like creature who is trying to persuade the other character to try the green eggs and ham. Of course, he succeeds.

-Of course, if your name is Sam, choosing a tattoo of Sam-I-Am takes on a whole new meaning. Make sure to include the name Sam-I-Am with the tattoo of the silly creature so people will see it and connect the names.

-To make the tattoo design of Sam-I-Am more elaborate have him with a box, a fox, a mouse, a house or whatever else is seen in the book.

Yertle the Turtle. He is another well-known Dr. Seuss character. A Dr. Seuss tattoo design of him is perfect for fans of Dr. Seuss and people who believe they are king of the pond.

-Have a Dr. Seuss tattoo design of Yertle the Turtle on top of other turtles. He should have his head in the air, proud and majestic. The turtles below him should be nervous or wobbly, because at any moment Yertle’s reign could fall.

Dr. Seuss tattoo design ideas based on The Cat and the Hat. The Cat in the Hat is probably Dr. Seuss’ most famous work. There are so many characters in this book that could be used for interesting tattoo designs.

-Thing One and Thing Two are a perfect tattoo design idea for fans of Dr. Seuss who are also twins. Or for a parent with two unruly children. How about just because they are the best characters in the book?

-The Cat in the Hat is another obvious choice. Have a tattoo of the cartoon cat himself, complete with tall striped hat. Or place the hat on a realistic looking kitten. Finally, there is the option of having a tattoo design of just the infamous hat.

-The fish in the bowl is the only one in the book who see the Cat in the Hat as trouble. Parents should consider a tattoo of this fish, whether in his bowl or out.